Un' c'è Dubbio

Management Program
for Tour Operator and
Incoming Agencies

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Creation of Programs and Travels for Groups

Tour Operators need a management and sales software solution that, starting from the booking solution, allows to rationalize and reduce the cost of the activities and increase the productivity and profit.

Un c'è Dubbio is a multi-company program operating in all languages and allows to create and handle group travels.
This program includes a complete database for creating client and supplier lists in flexible and updateable categories. Un c'è Dubbio allows to insert the group's travel starting from the first contact with the client and guarantees the control of each phase. It allows the easy booking of overnight stays, various transports, visits of attractions, with tour leaders and guides - because of the simple and quick insertion of all trip activities, because of the production of personalized programs and because of the automatic creation of the group itinerary.

Un c'è Dubbio manages the economic part of the suppliers, in different currencies at the same time, as well as the percentage and the payment of the agents. It manages the issuing part of accounting documents, invoices, receipts, vouchers. All documents can be exported in standard formats (PDF, Word, Excel etc.), are printable and can be sent directly via email

  1. Data on CLOUD - CLOUD makes is possible to access data from everywhere in an safe and quick way - without any daily or weekly backup.
  2. Constant telematic assistance - Our technicians answer to all assistance requests in a continuous and courteous manner.
  3. Customizable  - To meet your expectations and needs, Un c'è Dubbio is an expanding program and therefore always ready to be customized for your company.
  4. Try -  The DEMO Version

A fortunate coincidence

A real happy meeting in 1997

The meeting between Premi un Tasto and Venturini Viaggi Firenze, one of the most important incoming agencies in Italy. From that moment on the idea of designing a program to manage and organize incoming agencies in a better way was born. At the first meeting we thought only about the economic management of the company but immediately at the start of the project analysis, the idea of a complete management and sales software solution was developed..
Premi Un Tasto had already experiences in the field of tourism assisting travel agencies with third-party programs.
The experience with Venturini Viaggi made it possible to to develop programs for the management of hotels and the in these years upcoming Bed and Breakfast.
From 1998 to 2012 the Program has always undergone implementations, improvements and facilitations to improve the work of the operators. With the development of the network it was possible to use the email system for the communication between customers and suppliers, even if the transmission system via fax still remains .

Another happy meeting in 2014  
The meeting between Premi un Tasto and Reale Europe Toursan important Tour Operator in Bangkok looking for a complete management program for Tour Operators.
As none of the different proposals for a program were able to meet the expectations of the Tour Operator , we decided to expand the existing program Un c'è Dubbio for Tour Operators.
Instead of expanding the program, it is rewritten from the first line, using more modern languages and above all using a SQL data platform, which is followed by mysql because of customer costs reasons and for agility on web platforms. Moreover, the part of group quotation and itinerary creation are added.

The Program is intended to do other meetings
Another company is interested in the program, HAPPY VIAGGI another important Tour Operator in Bangkok. The existing program does not meet the expectations of the client completely. And so - in 2018 - Un c'è Dubbio expands again, adding modules for the creation of travel programs and for the management of agents and finally the possibility to operate from multiple locations in the world via data in CLOUD.

Lately  Premi un Tasto   started with the development of the web application to be able to access data from Tablet and SmartPhone.
A full version in java is also under construction, to allow the use from Mac and Linux

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